Slush Pile Hell


When querying an literary agent, one of the worst things is waiting. Waiting to receive another form rejection, not hear back or maybe a detailed rejection which, if it’s constructive it can be very helpful. But most of us hope and pray we get a request for more material and eventually it’ll lead to an offer of representation. Even the most profound writers have faced rejection at one point in their career. So one of the most important things when it comes to finding an agent is putting together the perfect query letter that is compelling enough to make agents want to request more of your work. If you’ve never heard of “Slush Pile Hell”, which I will link down below and you’re in the stage of querying or about to, I suggest you read it.

What Slush Pile Hell Is?

A unnamed literary agent compiled a list of the most crazy queries he gets. It really makes me wonder who these people are? When I read a few of the queries, I thought maybe they’re simply trolling him. There’s just no way people like this actually exist.

The Disturbing Part of Slush Pile Hell

I’m a bit conflicted about “Slush Pile Hell” because let’s be honest, if I were to query this unnamed agent, (I may have already) I’d never want to end up a poster child of bad queries for the world to see. I’d like to think since I follow the rules and check my grammar before sending off my work that would prevent me from being made an example of. And if my novel or writing style was not for him, I’d hope he’d politely pass, and never post my terrible letter online for the world to see. There’s a bit of an issue of privacy. It’s one thing to voluntarily send your work in to be posted and critiqued like with Query Shark,  but when it’s done without your knowledge it’s unfair.

If you read it you’ll never end up on it

But as cringe worthy as some of those queries are to read, I’m thankful that he did take the time to show a few examples so we can avoid the same pitfalls. The other reason is when you feel down about your query not being as superb as it could be then read “Slush Pile Hell” If you’ve followed all the instructions and read up on how to write a query letter you can avoid being another letter featured on “Slush Pile Hell”.

Slush Pile Hell







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