Lost In Time Part I


My hands skimmed each row of seasoning in search of pepper. Why couldn’t I find it? I always placed it in the same spot. Then I remembered that last Saturday when my friend stayed the night she helped prepare dinner. Just great, now everything was out of alignment. Although, just one seasoning was missing it was if the whole cabinet were in disarray. As I groaned about the pepper, a loud thud disputed my thoughts.

I tore across the kitchen, parting the blinds and gasped when I noticed that the surrounding homes vanished.

Backing away, I let out a cry. This had to be a bad dream, first the seasoning now this? I quickly ran to my room to see if anything were missing, but all of my belonging were in place. I scooped up my iPhone on the nightstand and started a thread adding every friend and family member on the list to it, but each time I hit send it would return invalid. So I tried each number separately, but none of them worked.

My hands quivered as I dropped the phone on the carpeted floor, hunkering down on the bed, running my fingers through my thin, brown hair.

Then a knock at the door drew me out of my mourning. Finally, company. I sprinted out of the room, down the stairs swinging open the front door, but nothing. No one was on the other side. Impossible. This had to be a cruel prank. Perhaps, a nightmare.

I stepped outside into the open field of scorched grass-the sky above a crimson shade.

“Hello!” I shouted, my voice echoing back at me and I shuddered. Continuing to survey the area I noticed a crumpled wad of paper littering the grass. Immediately, I scooped it up unrumpling it.

Help!” It read. I dropped it backing away, then circuited around to rush inside my house, but now it was gone.

`”No!” I wailed dropping to my knees. A low vibration shook the ground as a high frequency rang out and I toppled over gripping my ears. The sound ripping through every fibre of my being. The note blew away and I stretched forth my hands for it, but it rose too high as it was carried away with the wind.

I mustered enough strength to plant my palms on the ground, pulling myself up and ran covering my ears, then there was silence. I let out an exhaustive sigh and walked a few blocks, my feet blistering from slapping against the ground. Why hadn’t I brought shoes or a phone? I thought to myself.

A gas station came into view-the lights advertising it with a faint twitch. I dashed to it noticing first there were no cars, but I did not care. Another building. Another sign of civilization.

I slapped my hands against the door to peer in noticing rows of items and my spirits raised.

Gripping the knob I swung the door open. Inside, there was no clerk or customers just me in this forsaken place. I paced around debating whether I should take anything with me before I left. Then I noticed the phone, and I quickly picked up dialing the police. As I stood twirling the cord around my crooked index fever, heavy breathing came through the other end.

“Hello!” I shouted, but the panting grew heavier turning to low growls. I dropped the phone leaving it dangling from the cord running out the store.

The sight of headlights took me by surprise as a car passed by at a distance. I waved my hands over my head, gesturing for them.

The car changed course heading in my direction. I leapt up ecstatic that finally I may find answers, but as the car headed for me it sped up racing straight for me and when I noticed it was not going to slow down I started to sprint with all my might back to the gas station, pulling each leg in front of me, but then right before my eyes it dissipated to a vapor of smoke as if struck by a laser.

I swiveled around to change course as there was not much room left between the speeding car and I, but I tripped on a rock and passed out.

I awoke to the sensation of callous hands cupping my face and I blinked a few times until my vision cleared. The dark eyes of a man in a gray suit, focusing on my ovular face as a broad grin stretched across his angular countenance.

“Where am I?” I asked sitting up. He scooted closer to me as he sat on the edge of the bed, tucking a strand of stray hair behind my ear.

“Home,” he answered.


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