When Twenty-two year old Maricel moves to Los Angeles to star in a horror film little does she know she’s been cast in one for real.
For the past four years, she’s had recurring dream of watcher name Claudius. One April evening, she encounters him for the first time outside her visions. He confesses to being among two hundred angels who came to earth 4,000 years ago. Little does she know, he has chosen her because of a sinister pact with her ancestors. They begin a toxic relationship.
As she rises to fame, his jealousy grows. A scandal breaks that threatens to reveal his angelic identity. She ditches her career to start a new life with him.
When they flee through a portal to the kingdom of Lemuria, she learns of her fiancé’s ties to the Lemurian Order-a secret society conspiring to wage a war against God. Humanity will be caught in the crossfire of the war and annihilated. She must escape on her wedding day abandoning her crown and topple his regime before the Lemurian prophecy destroys her realm.


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