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Dreams are they instilled in us at birth like seeds in a flower bed
Or do they form as we interpret the world?

Some cleave to them to witness them come to fruition
While others watch them wither leaving them bitter.

If one decides to pursue them, then they better be prepared for
The backlash, haters and naysayers. Otherwise known
As the dream killers.

Those who ask why? How? And various other underhanded questions meant to squeeze the last ounce
Of hope out, and when met with resistance, they sit and wait to
See failure so they can say I told you so.

But ignore them, let them watch if they want. The pressure can be tough and increase anxiety but it can be transformed to motivation to go get it.

Yes, there will be moments of trials. Tears and close calls only to lead to a dead end or rejection, but don’t give up or give in to the voices that say quit. Who knows the moment you quit you could have been seconds away from success or maybe there is a lesson to be learned that will help you grow.

Don’t compare yourself to others and use it to gauge your success. Too many comparisons can drive a person crazy. Just do what you do.

Keep pushing. It is better to die trying than to never have done
Anything. Eventually, dreams do become reality and what is within seeps through creating a new reality and a story that inspires.




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