I decided to share a poem I wrote for my senior English class in high school 4 years ago.


There was a politician

With high ambitions.

Most popular of his time,

He was perceived as sublime.

A lofty person he was.

He created quite a buzz.

Contemplating his speeches,

To the nation he preaches.

Promising the protestors,

Picketing in polyester,

Entrusting their faith in him,

Playing on their every whim.

He worked hard to get here

With a lot of lying sweat and tears.

With the talent of manipulation,

Smiling on every news station,

Supporters from coast to coast,

When all alone, he would boast.

His bureaucratic style

Made it even more worthwhile.

Profiting from civilians,

The campaign is making millions.

Lobbyist didn’t bother him;

Backdoor dealing kept him vim.

Passing of propositions

Gave him acclimations.

He was an attractive guy,

Always in suit and tie.

His agenda was obscene,

Adjusted to fit his schemes.

He claims he can help fix things,

But what he says means nothing.

He could care less about anyone.

He is priority number one.



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