The Cave



My first attempt at flash fiction. A grim story about 3 curious teens’ demise.

There were legends that a cranky, three eyed beast resided in the cave outside town. Rather than heeding the warning three curious teens ventured to the caverns.
“We should probably turn back” Martin trembled as they trekked up the hill, but Jackie and Kale ignored their friend’s concern.
“Hand me the flashlight” Kale turned to Jackie as she stood fiddling with her brooch. She tossed it to him and he caught it. They inched towards the mouth of the cave, shinning the light in. A loud hiss greeted them. Jackie recoiled gripping her chest.
“I told you we should leave” Martin threw his hands up over his head perspiring.
“Nah, it’s nothing,” Kale said, directing the light that illuminated the surroundings, but just as they motioned to enter, the gleam of three eyes and a shiny set of barbed teeth curving into a wicked grin startled them. Before they could run, claws extended sinking into Kale’s shoulder dragging him in. Jackie and Martin tried to pull their friend from the monster’s grasp, but because of his strength, they were pulled in as well. The flashlight toppled to the ground, busting leaving nothing, but utter darkness and helpless screams.


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