Under the silver moonlight


Lying under the stars in an empty field, he takes my hand. Our eyes meet and he grins. This place has been our meeting place since we were kids. Whenever we were burned out from family drama, school or work we would retreat here. Despite how much time passed between childhood and grad school, we never forgot to return.
Nostalgic, I remember the day he brought me here. We were two kids desperate to explore the world, and one autumn evening he showed me this place. Hours passed as we laid under the clouds watching them move above our heads talking and laughing forgetting that so much time was passing.
Tonight it was the stars our gaze was fixed on and this moment with him was different. This fluttering arose in my chest, warming my face, as my eyes met his. Drawing a deep breath, he arose, and helped me to my feet. There was a bright gleam in his gentle eyes as he got down on one knee.
Covering my mouth, as a tear glistened against my face from the sight of him withdrawing a black box, and opening it to reveal a ring. The gems in it illuminated by the silver moonlight. I closed my eyes and held my heart, nearly fainting from fervor as he uttered.
“Will you marry me?”


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