Too late to Change


He sped down the winding road pondering on the apology he was about to give Adelina. More than anything he hoped she’d listen to what he had to say. Once again, he had destroyed another bridge with his anger. With her, he not only wanted to apologize, but confess his true feelings he had been holding back.

A tall hooded figure decked in a black trench coat swaying in the middle of the road stole his attention. It narrowed its red eyes at him without a flinch as he raced straight for it.

“What the fuck, this isn’t Halloween!” He slammed his foot on the brake and the car spun like a whirlpool, swerving into the median.

* * *

            His eyes peeled open to the bright hospital lights, and he took a deep sigh. Disgusted with himself for being hospitalized again for another episode. A depraved choir of voices interrupted his thoughts as they chanted.


Then, he noticed a legion of creatures surrounding his bedside. Some were shadows like the figure he had almost hit on the road. Others resembled giant reptiles like the snake that had tormented him to the point of humiliation in class.

A scream broke from his lips, but nothing but hot air resulted from his swollen lungs as he became aware of his paralysis. It felt as if his bones were snapping from the pressure being placed on his aching body by an invisible force as he tried to pull himself up, but failed. Part of him wanted to believe that what he was dealing with was supernatural in nature, but he couldn’t bring himself to adopt such a conclusion.

“No puede ser,” he muttered inside his mind.

* * *

            He jolted awake to Dr. Sprice standing over him.

“Adrian are you okay, I heard that you got into a pretty bad car accident?” he said. Adrian didn’t know what to say, so he just nodded. “When they got to you, you were babbling and thrashing around like you were fighting something.”

“What?” He shook his head.

“This is becoming too commonplace for you. I’m afraid I’m going to have to increase your dose of medication because I don’t want you getting into any more accidents. Understand?”

“I understand.” Adrian sat up clutching his pulsing head. Dr. Sprice turned and walked out of the room.

 Just what he needed. Another lecture from his psychiatrist. It seemed no matter where he ran, his demons found him.

Just a year ago, before coming to Yale, he was a different person. That person would’ve never been arrested, hospitalized, diagnosed with a mental disorder, and been on TV for a scandal. What had happened to him? He hated who he had become and wanted to change it, but he wasn’t sure if it were too late.



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