I Didn’t Fall, I left


The original removed scene when Claudius confesses to Maricel he’s a fallen angel


“I want to tell you my story” He stated as we sat across from another at a wooden table in the dining room of the spacious cabin. A gust of wind blew in from the windows rattling our clothing. I lolled in the chair in the middle of constructing a crown of flowers and gazed into his eyes, my hand tucked under my chin.

“Enlighten me”

“Some would call me a villain”

“You seem more like an angel to me”

“Are you willing to pay the price?”

“Any price is worth paying for you,” I said. He stood.

“Follow me” I rose and trailed behind him to the back of the cabin in the dead of night.

“Before you tell me, I would like to know your name.”

“Claudius. His head hung low.

“That’s an intriguing name. It reminds me of a Roman emperor.”

“It means crippled like my chances of redemption.” A prolonged silence took over before he spoke again.” Can you love a devil?” He chanced a glance over his elevated shoulder. When I didn’t answer, he circuited his head, and started to walk off.

Every fibre of my being screamed retreat, but something about him enraptured me like a negative and positive charge merging on opposite ends of magnetic poles.

“Claudius!” I entreated. He moved further away, and I feared he would abandon me. “I will do whatever it takes! Just don’t leave!”

“Anything!” he huffed, his back was still to me.

“Surely whatever it is you are hiding cannot be that bad.” 

He stopped dead in his tracks. The dismal glow of the moon beamed down on him.

Suddenly, he tilted his head back popping his intervertebral column growing so tall he could bear me up in the palm of his hands like a gem.

A black substance emerged from both sides of his back, sprouting between his large shoulder blades. My jaw fell open at the sight of his massive set of feathery, black wings stretching forth. I averted my attention to the posterior end of his head, and he turned toward me. His eyes flashed like lightning.

            “What do you think of me now?” His voice erupted like thunder. “Am I what you expected?” He marched towards me and I backed away, falling on my kneecaps.

            “This is unbelievable!” I raved standing to my feet, unable to determine whether he terrified or intrigued. He grinned and shrunk to his humanoid form. “What kind of angel are you?”

            “A watcher”

            “So you fell from heaven?”

            “No. I left.”


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