Don’t Shed A Tear


Horacio slapped Catalina across the face, sending her crashing to the ground. She crawled backwards, holding her stinging face.

“Horacio Please!” She pleaded. Smack! He struck her again. This time she landed flat on her back and looked up at him quivering with tears streaming from her eyes. “I’m sorry, please stop!”

“Shut up you stupid bitch! I caught you kidnapping my son! You thought you could leave me didn’t you?” Horacio yanked her by the hair.

“I won’t do it again!” she sobbed as he slung her against the wall.

“You sure as hell, won’t do it again or I’ll kill Adrian!” he shouted.

Adrian peeked out from his room. His mother had a black eye, and screamed as his father dragged her across the floor by her long hair.

She had attempted to leave his father and take him with her to Texas, but the car had broken down. His father by DNSUnlocker” href=”#65781299″> found them stranded on the side of the highway in New Mexico and forced them to return. Adrian had been ordered to stay in his room while his mother was punished for what she had done, and he was shaking with fear.

As his eyes were wide with pain, his father turned around and looked at him. It was too, late he didn’t have time to hide.

“What are you looking at? This is between me and your mother!” 

Adrian quickly shut the door and choked on his tears. He knew better than to cry aloud or else his father would come for him next. At seven years old everyone at his church adored his father. He was the preacher and no one could fault him. The kids at Sunday, school would say they wish their dads could be like his father. If only they knew his father’s true nature, then they would never wish such a thing. The neighbors loved his father as well, and he’d wave offering to give people a helping hand whenever they needed it, but when it came to him and his mother, his father was short tempered. Nothing he or his mother did was good enough.


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