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Dreaming on a Subway

From the corner of her eye, a shadow darts by.

She speeds her steps, struggling to catch every fleeting

glance and ebb of pedestrians.






When she reaches the eighth Avenue subway line,

her eyes widen at the subway cars flying by. Having

seen nothing like it back at home.





She boards the subway car and holds onto the

stanchion pole riding to sixth Avenue line.

A gentle gust of cool wind caresses her skin and

a polar sense of warmth and frigidness indwells

her chest. Chromatic bursts of lights flicker

across the car. Her eyes pull shut. Shimmering

images of his sculpted countenance, and

iridescent eyes invade her mind. His firm,

measured voice speaks to her in haunting

whispers, and she tightens her fingers around

the sleek metallic pole.




The voice quiets and sense of presence vanishes. Her

eyes pry open to the crowded subway. An elderly

woman watches agape and returns to knitting when

she notices her watching back.

 knitting GIF



She glances at her watch, noticing she almost

missed her stop at the Columbus circle station.

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The Watcher

Behind a rubber tree a cloaked figure watches

her maneuver between fallen trunks scattered

across the forest floor.




The glint of his iridescent eyes beyond

the woods captures her attention. She

looks up at the outline of the tangled

trees beyond the clearing. She meet’s

his gaze and shivers. A malevolent

current of  energy oozes from the entity.





She recoils but a powerful wave of energy

mounts her feet to the ground. Her heart

thumps quicker. Goosebumps flood her

limbs. A gust of wind wraps around her

ankles and wrist like a ribbon, lifting her

off the ground. Her fingertips ring with

pain and a stark volt of electricity surges

through her veins venturing up the nape

of her  neck prickling her skin.




She lifts her head with the sound a faint whisper

echoing in her ears, rotating her head she tries to

keep up with the voice. Shivers cascade her spine

and her palms from another voltaic wavelength.





Lying on her back her uneven heart beat drums

faster. A deep shadow alerts her that the phantom

now looms overhead. Shuttering, her eyes draw

upward, and she beholds him.






When I hold you, you’re so soft I could melt
Into you and fall asleep. I feel safe and secure
When I’m with you. I don’t want to
Be awakened. But time keeps us apart.
Every morning I hate parting from you.
The way you beg me to stay
But I can’t I have to get work done.
Throught the day I try to focus, and keep
My eyes open, but I can’t get you out of my head.
Watching, the clock I jump with glee, when it’s
Time to leave. I return to see you-lovlier than the
last time bidding for my time.
After, dinner and a hot shower I slip into your
Covers. Finally we’re together.
At last my bed and I are united oncemore.