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A Huge Celebration and Thanks

Thank you everyone who has followed the blog throughout its two year lifespan. I apologize for not posting as much as I ought to. I’ve been swamped with finishing out senior year of college and balancing it with this novel launch. I want to invite all who are interested to check out my debut novel Volatile releasing Wednesday April 18, 2018 at midnight. You can order the ebook early on Amazon today!




Purple Blood

Frigid air whipped Cara’s skin as she flew backwards out of the glass, hexagonal window. A cluster of black, plastic bags broke her two story fall. She propped herself up, noticing a stream of purple blood oozing from her torn, faded jeans that wreaked of formaldehyde like the pile of body bags she laid on.  Her grey eyes shifted to the yellow sky. The sky’s hue signaled a coming storm. 

Ignoring the sharp sting in her right leg from being struck by an electric whip, she gazed off into the distance. The thick grey smoke from the pockets of labor camps seeded along on the hill curled into the autumn, night air. Such a sight reminded her she was on the wrong side of Chicago.   

 Cara motioned to stand but froze at the sight of the scaly red wings of the horned, serpentine guard woman. The same woman who had sent her flying out the window as she had attempted to scale the back of a warehouse. She laid down again, so that when the guard’s three orange eyes landed on her, she blended in with the corpses. A broad grin spread across the guard’s pointy face. 

“The trash has been disposed of,” the guard muttered to herself. When she could no longer see the guard’s large shadow, Cara sat up, glanced to make sure she was alone then climbed down the dumpster truck. She limped into the empty, street. A puddle of orange, water caused her to freeze. 

A young human woman with long, violet hair, and pale, deep set grey eyes stared back at her. She tore her eyes away from the façade sick of living a lie. Her focus shifted to the wooden lamp poles. Atop each pole were the stone heads of rebels from the last revolt. One of the heads was her father’s. His face was stuck in a terrified scream as Astor the leader of the reptilian army beheaded him.

 Her eyes twitched as her vision blurred from the silver tears forming in her eyes, but she swallowed them not allowing herself to cry. The laughter of a pink alligator couple walking their dog, alerted her, so she staggered into a dark alleyway, and leaned against a wall to gather strength. 

A warm, hand enclosed around her shoulder. Cara spun around so fast her wavy, hair blinded her.

“Shh,” a male voice whispered.

“Get your hands off me!” she said, pushing the figure away. 

“Cara, I want to help.” The low tone of the voice, and the scent of amber indicated it was her best friend Zane. They grew up together working in the labor camp, and bonded after being orphaned after the last revolt. 

She pushed the strands of hair out of her ovular face to see his spiky, blue hair displaced by the wind, and dark, brown eyes staring back at her. 

“Zane?” she said with a shiver. 

“We need to get out of here before the camp notices we’re gone.” he said, tearing the cuff of his black, leather jacket and wrapping it around her injured leg to stop the bleeding. 

“Thanks,” she said.

His square face pulled into a smile. “What are you doing out here anyways?” 

“They captured Mark after he left, so I went searching for him.”


“What am I supposed to do? Continue to slave, pretending to be something I’m not, while the reptilians live decadent lives, and my brother gets eaten!” she said, shaking her fists.

“I know you want your brother back, but you could have wound up dead going in there,” he said. Cara rolled her eyes at Zane, while she loved him he hadn’t inherited the courage of his father who fought alongside her father in the last revolt.

“He’s all I have left.” 

“You should care as one of the last of your kind.”

“The same goes for you,” she said crossing her arms.

“I’m here because I saw you had left the camp, and I don’t want to lose you Cara,” he said. 

“You don’t have to worry about me, I’ll be fine.” She kept her gaze focused on the iridescent, glass buildings across the street. The lime green light from the moon reflected on the face of them. 

“Cara please, listen.”

“I’m sorry Zane, but I’d rather die trying to find Mark then live another day in fear of them.”

“If you fight, I’ll fight with you,” he said. She looked back up at him as silver tears gathered in his eyes.

The roar of motorcycles hovering through the air, casting pale, blue blight on the streets below caused both Cara and Zane to rush deeper into the alleyway.

A light landed on a human woman across the street as she crouched behind the same dumpster Cara had crawled out of. The motorcycles landed beside the dumpster, and the woman quivered as two muscled lizards with black spikes running down their broad backs pushed the dumpster aside, and ceased her by the wrists.

She pounded the street with her fist, busting her knuckles open. Purple blood spilled onto the pavement.

Cara gasped at the sight,”

“She’s one of us, we have to help her,” Cara said. Zane shook his head against it. 

“My, My Astor is going to love to know we found another one those bastards,” the officer said bringing down a whip on the woman’s back. She howled in pain.

Cara covered her ears. The crack and sizzle of the whip upon the woman’s back laced with her cry brought her back to the night of her father’s execution.

A few reptilian pedestrians including the alligator couple stopped to watch, pointing and snickering at the woman. The guards continued to whip her in the street, her back splitting into pieces of raw flesh until she stopped moving.

“Any takers?” The officer offered the reptilian bystanders. One of the reptilian men shook his head.

“No, that’s way past its prime to eat,” he laughed. The street erupted with laughter. Then officer, scooped up the body like a sack of potatoes, and threw it into the dumpster.

Once, the street had cleared out Zane motioned for Cara to follow him. 

They sprinted across the street, and crept around the brick warehouse.  To their surprise, the back door was ajar. 

When Cara peeked in her pulse drummed faster at the sight of the giant, blue crocodile dangling a man by the collar of his shirt like a slab of meat in front of an iron table of reptiles. She recognized the crocodile as Astor-her father’s killer. 

“Tear him in half!” The winged guard woman pounded the table. The black mold covering the concrete walls mixed with the scent of the man’s fear created a pungent odor that hurt Cara’s stomach.

“Please Master, I won’t try to run away again, the man pleaded. Cara recognized the man from her camp, he was one of the few red blooded humans who knew about her and Zane’s true identity. Her mouth started to open, but Zane covered it, shaking his head against it. Anger filled her how Zane could just stand by and watch such evil happen.

Astor tore the man’s body in half. His red blood sprayed the walls and reptiles’ faces. The reptiles licked the sticky contents from the corners of their mouths before snatching away chunks of his flesh, and sucking the meat off of his bones. 

As the reptiles were distracted, Zane slipped through the door. When Cara squeezed through, it squeaked as she knocked against it from her injured leg almost giving out. All four reptiles in the dining room, heads turned.

“I see Moe failed to do her job,” Astor’s long grey tongue flickered at the guard woman. Moe’s orange pupils constricted at the sight of Cara, and she shook her head, trembling.

“Boss, she went flying out a window and blended in with the carcasses in the dumpster,” Moe said.

“You should have checked again!” Astor slapped Moe in the face and her head collided with the table top and she grunted. The other reptiles slunk away from Astor as his orange eyes burned with anger.

“Where’s my brother?” Cara shouted.

“You want to see him, sweetheart? Millard why don’t you give the poor girl what she wants.” Astor laughed. Zane’s eyes narrowed at him.

A corpulent, yellow lizard hauled out a lanky man in chains with gashes all over his bare torso. A white bag covered the man’s head. He squirmed as he whipped him causing him to move forward. 

Astor withdrew the bag from the man’s shaved head, and his yellow eyes widened at Cara.

“Mark!” Cara shouted, but Zane held her back.

“You shouldn’t have come for me,” he cried. Before she could respond to her brother, Astor handed Millard an axe.

“Millard, why don’t you finish him off this animal, and the rest of them so there won’t be another insurrection.” Astor commanded.

“My pleasure,” Millard said.

“No!’ Cara cried as the blade rose to her brother’s neck. A rush of blood shot to her head, and a current of energy burst through her veins filling her with strength.

She pounced onto Millard’s back. He collapsed to his knees with a thud and the axe slid across the floor. Zane sprung forward to retrieve the axe. 

Cara squeezed Millard’s neck, gritting her teeth. Millard clawed at her hands, tearing into her skin. The scent of Millard’s weakened state fueled her, and she applied more pressure. His body stiffened, and her hands and clothes were covered in both blue, and purple blood.

Her brother dragged himself towards the door, struggling from the weight of the chains upon his back, but Moe stepped on him and he yelped in pain. Zane spun around with the axe and stabbed the grey lizard man in the tongue as it forked it at him. The small fragment of his mangled tongue drew back into his mouth as he garbled on a river of blue blood. He stumbled backwards, and Zane struck him with the axe again, this time deep into the lizard’s stomach. The lizard stumbled backwards roaring. Zane kicked the lizard in his face, and he dropped dead on the floor. 

Cara removed her sticky hands from Millard’s cold neck. She spun around just as Moe swung the electric whip at her head. Cara ducked, and the whip grazed the tip of her hairline. As Moe was distracted, Mark found the strength to turn over beneath her weight and pull her down. Moe fell to the ground, and Cara tore forward, grabbing the whip, and brought it down on her. Moe screamed as it fried her wings. Cara raised the whip again as Moe quivered, like Millard the aroma of her fear was so intoxicating that she could taste it, but Zane caught her hand.

“Cara, that’s enough, we don’t want to be like them,” he said.

“I’m afraid we already are,” she said, dropping the whip beside Moe as the last ounce of blue blood leaked from her tattered wings. Cara turned to check on Mark as he moaned in pain.

“Mark, are you okay?” she asked, taking his hand. He nodded with his bruised eyes half open. 

“We did it Cara,” he whispered.

“Did what?” 

“Continued what father started,” he smiled. Cara stared at him confused. Zane joined her to crouch beside him. She turned to see Astor slipping away.

Astor staggered out of the warehouse abandoning his fellow reptiles. As he pushed open the door a mob of humans with torches, and pitchforks surged towards him. 

From outside, she could hear Astor squealing as the humans dismembered him. She closed her eyes as a slight grin crept onto her face, but when Zane glanced at her it faded. They helped carry Mark out. 

When they stepped outside, cheers from a crowd of red blooded humans greeted them. The surrounding buildings were consumed by white flames, as the crowd paraded not only Astor’s body parts, but other reptilians.  

“The revolution has begun,” one man shouted from within the crowd. Zane glanced at Cara, and while his hands shook and eyes displayed fear, she gazed at the lamp pole with her father’s head on it. Rather than seeing a man who died in vain, she now saw a man who shared the same battle cry that rose from the pit of her stomach. 

It was only the beginning. There was still the rest of Chicago to retake, and beyond.

After the Deluge




“I can’t truly create I can only emulate,” Claudius muttered as he stood beside me.

“What?” I shook my head confused. In my eyes, he was next to a god.

“Art is something unique to mankind. As a Watcher, I can only recreate through a muse,” he said. “And you’re my muse”


“Yes.” He grinned. A heat rose in my face and I turned away to conceal the smile creeping onto the corner of my face.

“Was there any divine intervention with the construction of the ancient ruins? I said.

“After my incarceration, there were a remnant of the Nephilim who took refuge underground since the earth is hollow. The ancients referred to this subterranean paradise as Agartha”

“Get out, the earth has a crust, mantle and core composed of elements. How else do explain the tectonic plate activity?”

“Humans” He closed his eyes and sighed.


“How do you explain the earthquake lights?” He said as his eyes popped open.

“A disruption in the earth’s electromagnetic field and ionosphere?” I said.

“You have so much to learn neophyte”

“Occam’s razor, sometimes the simplest explanations are the right ones. People bend their minds way too far out of shape trying to understand the world.”

“And sometimes the strangest conclusions are the soundest. Perhaps, the earth is flat as well.” He grinned.

“Yea right”

“Let’s not argue about the obvious, and I’ll let you in on a little secret.”

“Go for it”

“Ancient ruins like Baalbek was one of the former headquarters of the ancient ruler Nimrod. The first king of post-flood earth. At first he was a foe to my descendants as he was a mighty hunter targeting the remnant of the Nephilim.”

“Why did he hunt them?”

“He had been brainwashed by the doctrines of his grandfather Noah.”

“It sure sounds like it.”

“In the end he altered his DNA and deemed himself the very first god king as it is put in Akkadian lore with the stele of Naram-sin.”

“Wow, a thirst for power will make you do anything,” I said.

“Prior to our imprisonment, we left a series of instructions discovered by one of Shem’s sons. He followed them to revive a post flood society.”

“Explains the post flood architecture” I grinned.

“The remaining fallen angels refrained from sex with women. In place of copulation with humans, there was an influx of genetic altering. It was far safer and less problematic,” he said.

“Is there a consensus among the angels and people who create Nephilim?” I said.


“ls in not unethical to conduct experiments on people without their consent? Even if it’s to advance the species.”

“Mankind could use an age of peace that’s all we’re trying to do. The tower of Babel was set to be in modern day Tiwanaku Bolivia, but the never saw the deluge coming.”

“So there was contact between pre Columbian and eastern civilizations long before recorded in modern history?”

“Yes, the Nephilim traveled between continents influencing each civilian.”

“Explains the similarity in the ruins”

“Most ruins gave ancient people a sense of closeness to us. Mountains, hilltops and high places are sacred because that’s where the gods dwelled. The pyramids, ziggurats and temples where their way of trying to capture the idea of ascension into heaven. Nimrod was the closet with the tower of Babel until God confounded their languages.


Don’t Wake Me Up


Maricel meets Claudius in her dreams


I didn’t want to return home so I bought time as I listened to my music, and dreamed of Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, and preforming under the bright lights of Broadway. Taking a deep breath, I entered into my house, climbed the steps, and rounded the corner startled to see my mother seated on the couch reading an article on her tablet. She glanced up at me and turned up her nose.

“What are you doing home so early, I thought you were working today?” I sighed. Every time she was here she nagged on me about every little thing possible.

“I decided to take the day off to spend some time with you before you graduate” She said. As I stood there her eyes narrowed. “What were you thinking stepping outside like that?” Her red painted lips pursed as she eyed me.

“Would you rather I went naked?” I sneered.

“Your clothes are way too baggy and don’t match, and your hair don’t even get me started on your hair! It’s a tangled black rat’s nest. Why Maricel? You’re a beautiful girl, but you dress like a homeless person. Is this some sort of act of rebellion?” She said. I rolled my eyes. “If you truly loved yourself, you would…”

“Dress like another clone in this vapid world!” I retorted. She covered her face.

“Going outside like that is the equivalent of walking around naked!” She shook her head. A tear welled up in my tear duct burned my heated countenance, and I swallowed back the lump that formed in my throat. “Had I been aware of how awful, you usually looked. I would’ve done something about this crisis sooner.” She said. I rolled my eyes considering it had taken her until the second semester of my senior year of high school to realize how I dressed. Maybe if she gad spent more time with me instead of working, I would’ve taken more after her and been a social butterfly with a sense of style, then again, I’d be another shallow zombie.

“I wasn’t asking for your help!” I sneered. Her face creased into a frown, and her dark eyes became a pair of angry saucers. I turned away and marched up the staircase to my room.

“Maricel!” I ignored her call and locked the door. My eyes darted to the alarm clock. It read 3:33 pm. She banged on the door demanding I open it. With a smirk, I turned away, grabbed a lightweight hoodie, pulled it on. The key started to turn the knob. “Don’t make me open this door!” Her voice dropped a few octaves.

I paused in the center of the room. “Three…two…” She counted backwards. Sprinting for the open window, I swung my legs over the ledge and jumped, landing feet first straightening my bent knees. By the time she barged in, cursing under her breath, I was quite a distance away and she looked down at me. Neighbors stared as I ran amok across the vast green patches of land, past the high wheat. Slowing to a walk; I pictured myself in a metropolis outside of the small town I resided in. Somewhere I would see new faces every day.

Venturing on, the thud of heavy footsteps reeled me out of thought. I pivoted around only to find the empty rows of wheat and I quickened my pace. Then, that noise intruded upon my thoughts again, and I snapped around, but there was nothing to confirm my paranoia.

My arms pulled up the branches of an eastern cottonwood tree and I adjusted my legs so that my small feet dangled. The phone continued to ring, but I put it on silent. Sun rays flickered across my limbs, bringing out the warm undertones of my copper skin. Squeezing back hot tears, in a low whimper, I cried until I fell asleep.

* * *

Golden streaks of sunlight cast a soft orange glow on my eyelids and they peeled wide open. Sprawled out in the pasture I collapsed in upon encountering the being my heart rate slowed regaining equilibrium. The sweet scent of the various species of plants from the bromeliads, and poinsettias to the hairy gardenia permeated the sticky air. To my left was a secluded wooden cabin.

A pale hand overhead obscured the light. My almond eyes focused on the sculpted lines of the face of a man. The sunlight formed a halo around his head, illuminating his set of cobalt eyes gleaming like the inner flame of a fire. Despite the horror of our first encounter, witnessing him in the light purged my fears.

I accepted his invitation and when our skin met, a sharp current of electricity shot through me and I bucked. Instantaneously, I withdrew my throbbing hand, staring at his palm startled by the sting of his touch. Without a second thought, I closed my eyes, and gripped his hand again. Our fingers interlocked and the pain subsided as I rose to his level.

He stood over a head taller as we faced one another. His golden spirals fell upon his muscled shoulder rippling around his square face, but his eyes were his most striking feature-they were iridescent. We faced one another and I leveled my gaze. My knees weakening and full lips parted.

He pulled me in by the hips, and I rested my head against the curve of his broad shoulder. I placed my palm upon his thorax and listened to his shallow heartbeat as he ran his large fingers through my thick tresses.

“Soon” He whispered rendering me speechless.

* * *

I sprang up in bed, sweating. My blood ran cold, startled by the alarm clock. It was 7:00 a.m. and my hands missed the off button. With an awful ache, and burdened eyelids, I struggled to search for the right switch. The shrill sound grew more irritable by the second, then I located it after almost knocking the clock off the nightstand.

Rubbing my eyes, I took note of my settings befuddled, and noticed a group of freshly picked flowers beside my pillow.

As I got ready, I struggled to recall how I ended in bed when I fell asleep in a tree along with the intricacies of the mysterious man of my dreams.

In the psychology course I took the previous semester I learned that everything in a dream resulted from the subconscious mind. Our minds based people who appeared in dreams off of individuals seen in real life. The drawing I had awakened to in class yesterday must have spawned the dream, but whose profile inspired the drawing?






    From atop a mountain, he watched the quiet village. Aware of every detail of each inhabitant so much so he would finish each of their sentences when they spoke. Yet, his existence remained unknown to them. A few times, some villagers would cast their eyes to the sky, but they gazed past him rather than discovering his presence. Others complained they felt watched yet couldn’t confirm anyone was ever there.

    But the longer he looked after them the lonelier he grew. At times he forgot his position as a guardian deluding himself into believing he was a member. Desperation festered in him to intervene, but if he did, it would change everything. This great debate grew until it could no longer be sustained. If he made contact, he could never reveal his identity or connection to them prior to meeting.

   Rather he would pretend to be a newcomer, and start fresh living among them.


Lost In Time Part I


My hands skimmed each row of seasoning in search of pepper. Why couldn’t I find it? I always placed it in the same spot. Then I remembered that last Saturday when my friend stayed the night she helped prepare dinner. Just great, now everything was out of alignment. Although, just one seasoning was missing it was if the whole cabinet were in disarray. As I groaned about the pepper, a loud thud disputed my thoughts.

I tore across the kitchen, parting the blinds and gasped when I noticed that the surrounding homes vanished.

Backing away, I let out a cry. This had to be a bad dream, first the seasoning now this? I quickly ran to my room to see if anything were missing, but all of my belonging were in place. I scooped up my iPhone on the nightstand and started a thread adding every friend and family member on the list to it, but each time I hit send it would return invalid. So I tried each number separately, but none of them worked.

My hands quivered as I dropped the phone on the carpeted floor, hunkering down on the bed, running my fingers through my thin, brown hair.

Then a knock at the door drew me out of my mourning. Finally, company. I sprinted out of the room, down the stairs swinging open the front door, but nothing. No one was on the other side. Impossible. This had to be a cruel prank. Perhaps, a nightmare.

I stepped outside into the open field of scorched grass-the sky above a crimson shade.

“Hello!” I shouted, my voice echoing back at me and I shuddered. Continuing to survey the area I noticed a crumpled wad of paper littering the grass. Immediately, I scooped it up unrumpling it.

Help!” It read. I dropped it backing away, then circuited around to rush inside my house, but now it was gone.

`”No!” I wailed dropping to my knees. A low vibration shook the ground as a high frequency rang out and I toppled over gripping my ears. The sound ripping through every fibre of my being. The note blew away and I stretched forth my hands for it, but it rose too high as it was carried away with the wind.

I mustered enough strength to plant my palms on the ground, pulling myself up and ran covering my ears, then there was silence. I let out an exhaustive sigh and walked a few blocks, my feet blistering from slapping against the ground. Why hadn’t I brought shoes or a phone? I thought to myself.

A gas station came into view-the lights advertising it with a faint twitch. I dashed to it noticing first there were no cars, but I did not care. Another building. Another sign of civilization.

I slapped my hands against the door to peer in noticing rows of items and my spirits raised.

Gripping the knob I swung the door open. Inside, there was no clerk or customers just me in this forsaken place. I paced around debating whether I should take anything with me before I left. Then I noticed the phone, and I quickly picked up dialing the police. As I stood twirling the cord around my crooked index fever, heavy breathing came through the other end.

“Hello!” I shouted, but the panting grew heavier turning to low growls. I dropped the phone leaving it dangling from the cord running out the store.

The sight of headlights took me by surprise as a car passed by at a distance. I waved my hands over my head, gesturing for them.

The car changed course heading in my direction. I leapt up ecstatic that finally I may find answers, but as the car headed for me it sped up racing straight for me and when I noticed it was not going to slow down I started to sprint with all my might back to the gas station, pulling each leg in front of me, but then right before my eyes it dissipated to a vapor of smoke as if struck by a laser.

I swiveled around to change course as there was not much room left between the speeding car and I, but I tripped on a rock and passed out.

I awoke to the sensation of callous hands cupping my face and I blinked a few times until my vision cleared. The dark eyes of a man in a gray suit, focusing on my ovular face as a broad grin stretched across his angular countenance.

“Where am I?” I asked sitting up. He scooted closer to me as he sat on the edge of the bed, tucking a strand of stray hair behind my ear.

“Home,” he answered.