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There’s Something About the Number 26

There’s something about the number 26. Throughout my life there have been landmark moments for good and bad surrounding this number. My grandmother one of the most influential people in my life was born on the 26th of January. My older brother is also born on the 26th of May. The 26th of February is when I uploaded my first YouTube video, the 26th of November is also the day I originally opened a YouTube channel. The 26th of March is when I began writing my second novel. I could go on and on about all the events that took place surrounding the 26th of the month.

Beyond my life, 26 has some interesting facts. Twenty-six is the atomic number of iron. According to gematria the number is the sum of the Hebrew characters for name of God–YHWH. The number is associated in Greek with agape love, the highest form of love outside of friendship and sexual interest. It deals with commitment and will. Some associate agape love with originating with God. Like my life experiences surrounding the number, I could go on all the coincidences affiliated with it.

Regardless, the number will always hold a significant place in my heart as it is the number that continues to pop up time and time again.



Six Years and Counting

Six years have passed since I conceptualized Skepticism. Although, I would’ve liked to have published the manuscript by now, the long wait for the edits to fall in line and to be at a place in life where I can dedicate time to promoting it has been worth it. I’ve determined a little over a month after graduation come Wednesday, June 27, 2018 on PTSD awareness day, Skepticism will be available.

Saturday, November 19, 2011 like most seventeen-year-old high school seniors I was fretting over what was to come after graduation. I was weighing my option granted my SAT and ACT scores, cram studying for finals and end of semester projects. Amid, all the progression something within me had shattered. Just a semester ago, I had experienced several negative incidents in relation to writing. Those failures broke my spirit. My passion wilted, and I questioned my ability.

Writing had always been my love. I wasn’t the best yet I worked with my awkward prose, syntax and bad grammar to form compelling short stories. I admit a lot of my past stories were subpar, but without them I couldn’t have churned out two novels and I’d hate to imagine how mediocre I’d still write had I not wrote Skepticism.

I glared at the bright empty Microsoft word document. I’d told my mother I’d never write again. It was the source of my shame. How could I fail at the one thing I had going for me? Most of 2011 had been a painful turn of events. Writing was my release. It was the only way I could express myself. Communication wasn’t my strongest suit.

A writing prompt formed in my mind of an angry eighteen-year-old, Ivy League freshman. He’d share my childhood trauma, misfortune, and misanthropic thoughts. Yet rather than relying on faith and a belief in a God he’d cleave to his skepticism and disdain for religion to explain the unresolved trauma, unexplained events and hallucinations. His denial of not only a higher power but his diagnosis of PTSD would be his greatest asset, but a source of great frustration to both himself and the reader.

In a way this prompt allowed me to explore a world foreign to my own. A world I’d never dreamed possible to comprehend. Each chapter I wrote brought out new questions. I entertained perspectives outsidemy realm of comfort and researched concepts I’d otherwise ignore.

When someone writes a novel whether it’s about magic or coming of age, there’s no way it won’t transform them. Committing six years and counting of my life to Skepticism has been one of my greatest investments. Sure it’s not on a shelf yet. There’s no saying  Skepticism it will be a huge success. If fame and fortune were my end goal, there’s no way I would’ve stuck with this project this long. All the sacrifices I’ve had to make and time spent writing could’ve been used graduating college earlier, making a steady income, interning, or building relationships as I’ve balanced working on my novels with being a fulltime college student. In the process of working on Skepticism a second novel blossomed, Volatile. Not everyone has been understanding of my work as an author. Many view it as a hobby, pipe dream and excuse for not working a “real” job. The discipline of sticking with a project you’re not profiting monetarily from for over half a decade isn’t easy yet I can’t imagine where I’d be today if I hadn’t gotten over my mountain of fears to write Skepticism.


Angel Numbers

Ever since a friend texted me a question my senior year of high school back in the spring of 2012, do you know what 1111 means, I keep seeing it? I’ve known of angel numbers. At the time I read up on it, learning that some believe it’s a sign of guardian angels trying to get in contact with you, watching over you, or you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening. It all sounded so new age and had little relevance because I didn’t see the numeric pattern everywhere.

Two years later another friend, this time it was someone I’d met online brought up the 1111 phenomenon and asked if I saw the numeric pattern? I said no, but afterward I saw it everywhere. I don’t know what it was the second time around that sparked it.

At first, I thought it was my brain picking up on the pattern because it had been made aware and every time I saw 11:11 I found it highly annoying.

As time went by, it wasn’t just 1111 I saw. Sometimes I’d see other angel numbers like 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, and so on.

Whether it was an average day, a great day or a tragedy the numbers would show up not only on clocks, but even when I rang up groceries, in addresses, and other various ways. I’d just glance up and there the numbers would be with no effort of searching for them.

When I got struck by a car on February 6, 2015 the time read 3:33 p.m. when I arrived at the hospital. Where the numbers omens or something benevolent? I’ve researched the phenomenon but no one can quite agree on what it all means.

Recently I haven’t been seeing the patterns, but in the last month I’ve seen a resurgence of the angel numbers. Especially the angel number 3:33.


The Perfect Man




Sunlight flooded the living room gleaming against the black leather binding of the King James Bible on a glass coffee table. The crucifix around the young pastor’s neck glistened against the rays of light. He donned a black suit and red tie. She locked eyes with him and he took her tiny hand into his. His lips drew back into a smile revealing even white rows of teeth. His grasp was strong, yet gentle. Her heart drummed faster. To think of all women he’d chosen her; the man for who she’d waited her entire life. Although she was only eighteen, she knew without a doubt; she loved him.



images (14).jpg

Many throw the word faith around without understanding it’s true meaning. Seeing isn’t always believing. That’s easy to say, but hard to execute when you hit rock bottom, and all hope seems lost. Many non-believers and skeptics view faith in a creator for the weak. I’ve learned over the years faith is
a gift that not everyone has or will ever possesses. Being able to push forward in near impossible situations is a blessing. If it were not for my faith in YHWH I wouldn’t be here. Faith in him is what keeps me alive. The reason I breathe. Without my faith, I’m nothing, I have no purpose. Life is just a meaningless chain of events.