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I lay in bed but the thoughts
In my head never rest
Tossing and turning. My
Mind is burning through
All the possibilities, memories
Am I asleep yet? I ask myself
Blinking at the ceiling, having
Trouble distinguishing between
Reality and fantasy too bad when
I do doze off, I’m met with
Nightmares. Should of done this
Wish I could go back, regret and
Doubt torment my mind. Ceased
By this insurmountable fear
What am I so afraid of? Morning
Isn’t quite here and I need to squash
This restlessness and beat my
Hyperactive brain, but to no
Avail the next morning I’m drained.

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Squinting between the sun and horizon, a tumble weed scurries past my blistered feet. My throat aches from dehydration as I swallow the salty taste of the blood from my busted lip. Ever since I stepped foot in this godforsaken, wasteland, I’ve lost track of the days, alone so long that my tears have dried against my blackened skin. It’s a miracle I haven’t gone blind from wandering through the midday sun like a car with a broken GPS, past the dunes of sand and sparse wild flowers that give color to the homogenous setting. Although most of my hope is all but gone, there’s still a part of me that believes there’s an oasis ahead. Perhaps, my days as a restless nomad are almost over, and I’ll find a place to rest. A place I can call home.