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I lay in bed but the thoughts
In my head never rest
Tossing and turning. My
Mind is burning through
All the possibilities, memories
Am I asleep yet? I ask myself
Blinking at the ceiling, having
Trouble distinguishing between
Reality and fantasy too bad when
I do doze off, I’m met with
Nightmares. Should of done this
Wish I could go back, regret and
Doubt torment my mind. Ceased
By this insurmountable fear
What am I so afraid of? Morning
Isn’t quite here and I need to squash
This restlessness and beat my
Hyperactive brain, but to no
Avail the next morning I’m drained.

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When I hold you, you’re so soft I could melt
Into you and fall asleep. I feel safe and secure
When I’m with you. I don’t want to
Be awakened. But time keeps us apart.
Every morning I hate parting from you.
The way you beg me to stay
But I can’t I have to get work done.
Throught the day I try to focus, and keep
My eyes open, but I can’t get you out of my head.
Watching, the clock I jump with glee, when it’s
Time to leave. I return to see you-lovlier than the
last time bidding for my time.
After, dinner and a hot shower I slip into your
Covers. Finally we’re together.
At last my bed and I are united oncemore.